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We’re too excited to keep it secret any longer - we will be launching a new website in the coming weeks!

As we strive to improve our service offering and create an inclusive and accessible experience for all our members, we’ve listened to your feedback, conducted research and completed user testing to ensure we’re creating an exceptional website for all our customers. So now it’s time to give you a sneak peek of the changes that are coming very soon.

New look and new experience

You’re going to notice a fresh, modern look with a vastly improved user experience. We’ve made it easier to navigate the website and find the content you’re looking for quickly. We know that many of you access our website on your mobile device, so we’ve made sure the website is easy to use on your phone or tablet.

Inclusive digital experiences

In our diverse WA community, there are so many people with different needs when it comes to using websites – so we’ve prioritised making our new site an inclusive experience. We’ve made lots of improvements to make it easier for people with visual, hearing, motor, and cognitive difficulties (including neurodiverse conditions) to use our website.

With the help of a new ‘accessibility menu’, our website visitors will now be able to increase the font size, change colours on web pages and choose to read text in 55 different languages! More details will be coming about this soon, so stay tuned.

Help when you need it

When you’re looking for help online you can sometimes find yourself in an endless loop trying to find the answer. To stop this from happening, we’ve created our new Help centre based on feedback from our members, as well as our teams. Our Help centre now has its own search function making it quicker and easier to find what you need, and we’ll highlight answers to the common questions that other people are asking.

You should see our new website launch in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled! We look forward to hearing your feedback about your next online experience with us.