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Following the Australian Government decision to phase out cheques by 2030, our third-party cheque provider will no longer support P&N Bank cheque facilities after 24 May 2024.  

This means that after 24 May 2024, you will be unable to bank or cash P&N Bank member cheques at any bank, including P&N Bank branches. If a P&N Bank cheque is banked anywhere after this date it will be dishonoured.  

Alternative ways to pay

To avoid any interruption to sending and receiving payments, it is important you transfer to an alternate payment method prior to this date. 
We understand that changing the way you pay will be a process, and we’re here to support you with a range of alternative payment options that will allow you to transfer money quickly, safely, and easily.

Click here to view alternate payment methods and a full range of frequently asked questions (FAQs).

What about cheques from other banks?

These changes only relate to P&N Bank member cheques. You can continue to deposit non-P&N Bank cheques into your P&N Bank accounts at our branches. However, if you regularly deposit cheques, please contact us to discuss safer and more efficient ways to receive payments. 

What do I do with my cheque book?

As soon as you start using another payment method, you can destroy your cheque book, or return it to your local branch. Your cheque book will be invalid after 24 May 2024, and you will no longer be able to use any remaining cheques.

How do I find out more?

We’re here to help. View our FAQS and, if you have any further questions, feedback or want to discuss alternative ways to pay, please call us on 13 25 77, chat to us online at, email, or visit your nearest branch.