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P&N Bank has given 10 local community organisations a timely funding boost, as not-for-profits begin to recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis.

The Helping &nds grant recipients were nominated by P&N Bank members, with their activities ranging from supporting the homeless and palliative care patients, to caring for injured native animals and offering crisis care and out of home support to young people.

The deserving community groups who received a Helping &nds grant in the latest round of funding included:

P&N Bank General Manager Anna Pearce said the quarterly Helping &nds grants provided a small but valuable boost to help meet a diverse range of needs in communities throughout Western Australia.

“P&N Bank’s Helping &nds program is all about providing grassroots financial assistance where it is needed the most, supporting those who are making a real difference,” Ms Pearce said.

“P&N Bank exists to enrich the lives of our members in WA and, now more than ever, we know that not-for-profit groups need our support.

“We know the funds from the program go directly into valuable programs and initiatives that genuinely benefit members of our community.”

P&N Bank members can nominate individuals in need for a Helping &nds grant at any time during the year.