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P&N Bank is thrilled to announce a new partnership with emergency food relief agency Manna.

The local not-for-profit provides over 4,500 meals every week to hungry disadvantaged and homeless people in Perth.

Founded in 1996, Manna is one of the main providers of meals and food supplies to underprivileged Western Australians.

On behalf of our members, P&N is supporting one of Manna’s key programs which provides breakfast to disadvantaged kids who would otherwise go without this vital meal. Every week Manna distribute 3,500 breakfast meals for students at schools in areas of need throughout Perth.

In the schools at which Manna supplies breakfast, over 50% of the schools’ populations are impacted by one or more of: family domestic violence, generational poverty, unemployment or substance use, which are the main contributing factors to poverty and homelessness.

P&N members will have the opportunity to directly assist local children and their families by donating to the Manna Kids Breakfast Program via a special fundraising appeal in 2021.

One of the commitments made by P&N as part of the 2019 merger with bcu was to increase community support via our Helping &nds program. This increase in support incorporates this new Manna partnership and the ability for P&N to help more people and families doing it tough via the Helping &nds individuals program.

“For an organisation like ours, every bit of support we receive from the community allows us to continue our provisions to help those in need and without this entrusted assistance our services and programs would otherwise not be possible.

“On behalf of the Manna Board, I would like to express my heartfelt gratefulness and appreciation to P&N Bank for partnering with Manna,” Manna Director of Programs, Sheena Cher said.

P&N Bank General Manager Anna Pearce said she was excited to welcome Manna into the P&N family and support Manna’s vital work.

“At P&N we know that when people work together, individuals, families, groups and our community will flourish. We are thrilled to partner with a great local organisation in Manna to assist them feeding West Australians in need,” Mrs Pearce said.

Manna joins Lifeline WA, The Fathering Project and Variety WA as one of P&N’s community partners.