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We’re taking a different approach to our Helping &nds grants program this quarter, by assisting local charities respond to the impacts of COVID-19 that are being felt in the community.

So many people around the world, including right here in Western Australia, have sadly been either directly or indirectly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

On behalf of our members, we are providing donations to the following deserving local not-for-profits and community groups that are doing great work to assist Western Australians at this challenging time - those facing a lack of food, dangerous living situations during social isolation and those helping our frontline healthcare professionals

For our regular Helping &nds voters - for this special round there is no need to cast your vote, as we have spread the Helping &nds donations equally to all four groups.

And don't forget, if you know someone experiencing a tough time, P&N’s Helping &nds program also assists individuals or families who are facing hardship and have basic needs that are not being met. Any P&N Bank member can nominate anyone they know for assistance via our website.