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Loan Tracker

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Safe and secure

Loan Tracker is the secure way to manage your loan or credit card application.

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Real time updates

Get status updates on your application on any device, day or night

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Upload documents

Can't get to a branch? Use Loan Tracker to securely upload your documents

Keep track of your loan or credit card application any time of the day or night with Loan Tracker

Keeping track of your loan application is easier than ever with P&N Bank Loan Tracker. No more phone calls back and forth to get updates. It’s simple, secure and saves you time and worry.

Save and resume

If you’re completing a personal loan or credit card application online you can save and resume your application at any time using your email address and password. You’ll receive an email to return to the application any time.

Loan Tracker

Once you’ve submitted your application, Loan Tracker allows you to keep up with the progress of your loan. Simply provide an email address when you apply online, over the phone or in a branch to access Loan Tracker.

Status updates

Status updates are displayed in Loan Tracker in real time. Simply login for updates.

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Upload documents

Need a secure and easy way to send us your pay slips, statements or other documents? You can use Loan Tracker to upload your documents to support your loan application.

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Email notifications

We know it’s important to you so we’ll also email you when your loan passes key milestones. No need to call or email us for updates.

Regardless of your loan type Loan Tracker helps keep it simple by keeping you up to date when it matters.


Helpful tools

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