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Switch to P&N Bank

Switching to WA's largest, locally owned bank is easy. All you need to do is open a new P&N account, write a list of regular payments coming from your current bank account, and set them up on your new one with us.


Step 1. Open your new account with P&N Bank.

Switching your bank account to P&N is easy.

If you're new to P&N Bank you can open your new account online. It only takes a few minutes.

Get started

Alternatively you can call us on 13 25 77 or visit one of our branches.


Step 2.  Identify your regular payments

Once you have opened your account you can start transferring your regular payments across to P&N.

To get a list of all your regular payments:

  • Look at your past transaction history or bank statements over the last 13 months. You want to identify payments that occur regularly (monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly, annually).


  • Ask your previous financial institution to give you a list of your regular payments over the last 13 months.

Tip: Regular payments to your account could include your salary or government payments. Payments from your account could include bills, rent, gym membership or insurance payments.

Step 3. Set up your payments on your new account.

For BPAY or Pay Anyone scheduled payments the process is simple:

  • Log into P&N Bank Internet Banking and set them up online; and
  • Cancel the payment with your previous financial institution

For direct debits or credits set up with a service provider, you can either:

  • Contact each service provider and follow their instructions; or
  • Send them a change advice letter by email or post.

We have created some change advice templates for direct debitsdirect credits and credit card payments to help you.

Tip: Keep a list of your regular payments so you can cross them off as they are completed. Don't forget to note how and when you contacted each provider.

Step 4. Close the old account

It is a good idea to keep both accounts open for a short period, while the switch takes place. Make sure you keep enough money in the old account to cover any payments that come in during that time.

Once all your regular payments have been successfully switched over, close the old account.

Tip: Don't forget you may get charged account keeping fees if the old account is left open.

Not in a hurry and want more help?

If you fill in a Switching of Regular Payments Form, we can handle some aspects of the switch on your behalf:

  • We can contact your previous financial institution to get a list of your regular payments over 13 months.
  • We can submit a change advice to service providers who you have a direct debit or direct credit with. Please note, this won't cover any regular BPAY payments, Pay Anyone or debits linked to your cards, you will still have to arrange these yourself.

Tip:  The assisted switching option can take up to eight weeks to complete. If you would like to switch over sooner, we'd recommend following the four steps above.

For more information view our Switching made easy guide, call us on 13 25 77 or visit your local branch. 

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