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What is the Power of &?

Individually we can be great but together we are greater. At P&N Bank, we call this ‘the power of &’.

And is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we’ve created the following collection of stories that celebrate the achievements of people working together.  

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Managing the deceased estate of a loved one

International radio gives a voice to kids

Shared gardens offer fresh food and a buzzing sense of community.

Run for your (better) life

Fair Game

Sensorium Theatre

Sensorium Theatre

Sizzling calendar makes a real difference to burns victims

Horsing around is good for the soul

Christmas lights to fund a new ambulance for newborn babies

Christmas lights to fund a new ambulance for newborn babies

Spending time with grandkids has multiple health benefits.

Benefits of Grandparenting


Female scientists come together to make global change


The best of both worlds for new mums at BubDesk

Community spirits soar with global gift economy experiment

Strangers inspired to fund homeless teen’s dogged determination

Through cricket, a refugee is carving a space for his origins to be honoured while bringing minority communities together

Women’s Football Creates Unexpected Connections