& is what will carry us through

What is the Power of &?

Individually we can be great but together we are greater. At P&N Bank, we call this ‘the power of &’.

And is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we’ve created the following collection of stories that celebrate the achievements of people working together.  

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Believe In Santa


Bowling & movies & parks & restaurants & you!

UK student adder-ment Kimberly snake is its own species

Eight decades of ‘I do’

Lights for Lifeline

Healing pets

Feelin’ ruff? The incredible healing powers of pets


You are the sum of your nearest and, not necessarily, dearest

People power creates Port to Pub swim

Mending fences: volunteers help farmers find their feet after devastating Northcliffe fires.

Knitted together

Extraordinary Women

Disco for kids and teens - December 4


Singing in the rain (hail or shine) is better together

Can having a sibling make you happier?

How spacecubed of the 17th century led to modern anatomy, zoology, chemistry, physics, astronomy and botany

Doors closing, hearts opening: Perth commuters break into impromptu sing-along