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For one & all

True inclusion is a sum of its parts. It’s when a diverse group of people come together and work towards a unified goal.

Here at P&N Bank, we are committed to fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our community. We believe that the spaces we create should be safe, welcoming, and reflective of the diverse communities we serve.


About the artists and their work

Kahla Blatchford's ampersand design

Artist: Kahla Blatchford

"My name is Kahla, I am Badimia Wadjarri Yamatj, and I am the artist behind Yanajingamanha - Coming Together. This design tells the story of a bright and inclusive future. 

The larger circles behind symbolizes the diverse nation of Australia which are overlapped with smaller symbols that create the trails and connections of people. The different designs in each set of symbols represent people of all backgrounds, cultures, and communities. The vibrant colors signify the journey of connecting and discovering more about a deeper version of oneself. 

It celebrates connection and inclusivity with the belief that we are all united and embrace the uniqueness of the world around us. It invites you to embrace and become accepting others differences as we make a positive and meaningful change for our collective futures."

Artist: Bruno Booth

"This work depicts a typical Australiana scene. People of all ability levels enjoying various activities. I made a conscious effort to depict so called disabled/able bodied individuals moving and engaging with each other without limits. The work springs from the idea that disability is a social construct, the reality of human experience being far more nuanced than such a binary construct can describe. Ability is a spectrum upon which we all reside, there are no boundaries other than the ones we create for ourselves."

Artist: Mel McVee

"My artwork has always leaned towards the aspects of native flora and fauna of our environment. Growing up in the hills enabled me to live amongst our beautiful bushland. It has always been a way for me to heal and re-centre.  
Using WA native flora, the work is an interconnected layering of different species of all shapes and colours, coming together to form a whole. Like the complexities of an ecosystem, it speaks of how a variety of all types of plants come together to create a healthy environment. Within this flora, light lines weave throughout the work, sybmolic of our personal pathways and connection with nature.
The ideas of interlayered healthy ecosystems is symbolic for the P&N idea of diversity and inclusivity. It takes all types of people to come together to create a community...just like the complexity of an ecosystem."

Artist: Dipesh Prasad

"From the age of three our son Remi has had an all-consuming obsession with volcanoes. Drawing them, building them and endlessly learning about them through books and YouTube Videos. This curiosity inspired me to promise him that one day we'd actually go and see a volcano in real life. 

In 2023 we were able to  responsibly save money and set out to Mt. Fuji to make this dream come true. Remi, my wife Shu and I set out to Japan and roadtripped to the small village of Hakkone to get up close and personal with a real life volcano.

Financial inclusion to me is the ability to give my children the wonderful life experiences they deserve. To have the financial balance to spend time with them, show them the world and give them meaningful experiences."

About P&N Bank

We're the largest, locally-based customer-owned bank in the state, and we have a proud history of helping WA move forward.

In the community

We've always had a strong focus on community and making things better for all Western Australians.

Accessibility & inclusion

We're committed to accessibility and inclusion, and making banking easier for all our customers.