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Getting started

To use our mobile app you will need to be registered for internet banking first. You can register for internet banking by calling us during business hours on 13 25 77 or visiting your nearest branch. 

Next, simply download the app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

To register the app:

  • Tap the Login button.
  • Enter your P&N Bank member number.
  • Enter your internet banking password.
  • Choose a name for your device.
  • Choose an app PIN*, and confirm the one you’ve chosen.

*If your device is equipped with biometrics, you can also set this up instead of using your app PIN to log in.

You'll receive an SMS with a code and be prompted to read and accept the Terms and Conditions. Once you have logged in, the app will remember your details every time you log in thereafter. You'll simply need to enter your PIN or Biometrics/Touch ID/Face ID if enabled.

If your device has biometric authentication (Android) or Touch and Face ID (iOS) set up when you first register the mobile app, you’ll automatically be asked if you want to use this to log in.

If your app is already registered, you can set this up by going to Settings > Biometric login (Android) or Settings > Touch ID or Face ID (iOS) and toggling the button to enable it. To disable biometrics, just use that same button to turn it off again.

If you're having trouble registering the mobile app on your device, try these troubleshooting tips.  

  • If you see an 'Access is Denied' message, check you've entered your password and member number correctly.
  • If you see an 'Invalid PIN' message, ensure you've not used common or sequential numbers patterns such as 1111 or 1234.
  • If you see a 'The request has specified invalid data' message, check the device name you have entered doesn't have any special characters in it (includes auto corrected text) and that your phone language is set to English. The language can be changed again after registration, if required.

If you still need some help or want further information, please call us on 13 25 77 and one of our friendly team will be happy to assist.

If you forget your mobile app PIN, you’ll need to reregister your app, using your internet banking password to reset it. 

On the app login screen, if you aren't using biometrics go to the ' forgot your app PIN' link.

If you are logged in you can go to Settings > Forgot app PIN and from there you can reregister your app.

You can use the P&N Bank mobile app on a range of devices, including smartwatches. 

The most up-to-date information on the minimum operating system requirements for installing the mobile app are available in the app stores:


You can set up alerts in the mobile app to notify you of payments to and from your accounts.

In the mobile app go to Settings > Alerts. Tap on the Cog icon (top right) to get to the Alert settings screen and opt to receive SMS alerts, email alerts or push notifications.

You can use the Schedule alerts toggle to limit the times of day you can receive an alert – if you don’t want to be disturbed at unwelcome hours. 

After you enable and save your alert settings, you can then create any number of alerts:

  • General alerts for direct credits and debits.
  • Account(s) alerts for threshold and scheduled balance alerts.
  • Card(s) alerts for card transactions.
  • Push notifications for payments that are due or overdue, or an overdrawn account.

Frequently asked questions

In our mobile app you can set up a one-off or regular future dated payment between your own accounts, or to a BSB and account number.

Future dated payments are not available to a PayID.

After logging into the mobile app go to to Pay>Pay someone. Choose an existing payee (with BSB and account number) or load a new one. Choose 'Schedule this payment' and then select Once or Recurring to add your frequency and the number of payments.

If you have any questions or would like help scheduling a payment or transfer, please call us on 13 25 77 or visit your nearest branch.

You can update your scheduled payments in the mobile app easily.

Go to to Pay >Scheduled, select the payment and slide from left to right to show the payment details.

A list of options will appear and you can make changes to the debit account, amount, date and frequency of the payment. Any changes you make will save over any existing scheduled payment. 

If you have redraw enabled, you can redraw from your loan in the mobile app by simply transferring funds between your accounts.

From the Transfer or Pay someone screen select your home loan  as your 'From' account. 

You can transfer up to the amount that is shown as 'available' on your loan balance. Your upcoming minimum monthly payment will be taken into consideration in the amount shown, so redrawing will not result in you falling behind on your repayments. 

For example, if you have paid an additional amount of $9,000 into your loan, and your next repayment is $1,500, your 'available' balance will be $7,500. Your 'in advance' amount will show the total amount you've paid in addition to your required repayments.

If you don't already have redraw set up, you'll need to have a loan that qualifies and return a completed Redraw Authority Nomination Form to us via secure mail or in a branch.

You can personalise the names of your accounts that appear in digital banking. This can be helpful when you’re saving for different goals or opening accounts for specific purposes e.g. My home deposit, New car account, Takeaway fund.

In the mobile app go to the account you wish to personalise. Tap the three dots in the top right-hand corner, and then select Rename account > Personalised account name > Update.

You can change or remove your personalised account name any time. To revert the account name back to display its original name, simply delete the custom name you have loaded and save.

You can register a PayID in the mobile app. 

A PayID is a unique identifier – a mobile phone number or email address – connected to your account. You can receive instant and secure payments direct to your account using your PayID. 

From the main menu go to Pay > Manage PayID and follow the prompts.

If the PayID is available to link to your account, then you need to: 

  • Select the account you would like to connect to the PayID.
  • Select the account name from the options provided.
  • Review and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • Enter the secure code sent to your PayID to validate ownership.

Note: If you're setting up a PayID on an email address, the code will be sent to that email address and not via SMS.

You will be advised if the PayID you’ve entered is not available, or if it is already being used. You can dispute ownership of the PayID by clicking on Dispute.


You can send money to a PayID using the the mobile app by going to Transfer/Pay > Pay someone.

Choose to send to a 'New payee' and then to a 'PayID'. Enter the PayID (which could be a mobile phone number, email address or ABN). There's also a link to your contacts where you can select a phone number or email address from there for convenience.

If the PayID is valid then the name of the recipient will appear on the next screen. You will need to check the account name is the correct person, then enter:

  • the amount
  • a description up to 180 characters in length
  • an email address to notify the recipient of your transfer (optional)
  • a Payee nickname (optional)

Your PayID payment will be sent via Osko and will be received in the payees account within minutes.

If you forget your mobile app PIN, you’ll need to reregister your app, using your internet banking password to reset it. 

On the app login screen, if you aren't using biometrics go to the ' forgot your app PIN' link.

If you are logged in you can go to Settings > Forgot app PIN and from there you can reregister your app.

You can set up different alerts in the mobile app or internet banking to help with budgeting and managing your accounts. You can also choose how you want to receive these alerts (by email or SMS).

Account alerts

Can be applied to a selected account

  • Threshold alert. Use this to be notified when your balance goes below or above a certain amount.
  • Schedule balance alert. Use this to be notified of your account balance at your chosen time and frequency.

Card alerts

Can be applied to a selected debit or credit card

  • Transaction alert. Use this to be notified about all transactions on your account or selected transactions such as Tap & go, ATM withdrawals and in-store purchases.
  • Threshold alert. Use this be notified when a card transaction is above a certain amount.

Push notifications (mobile app only)

Will apply to all of your accounts

  • Payment due. Use this to be notified when a repayment is due on your home loan, personal loan or credit card.
  • Payment overdue. Use this to be notified when a repayment is overdue on your home loan, personal loan or credit card.
  • Overdrawn account. Use this to be notified when your account is overdrawn.
  • Successful Osko payment. Use this to be notified when an Osko payment has been successfully sent.
  • Osko payment returned. Use this to be notified when an Osko payment was unsuccessful and has been returned to you.

You can easily find out how much interest you have earned (or paid) in our mobile app.

The amount of interest for the previous and current financial year will be displayed as well as any tax that has been withheld.

In the mobile app go to Menu > Accounts > Interest.

You can also find the interest on individual accounts by selecting the account you want the information for on the Accounts screen and selecting the ‘i’ info icon.

You can download the P&N Bank mobile app and connect it to your Apple Watch to view your balances on the go.

You can also make payments using Apple Pay, transfer funds to friends and family, place a lock on your card and other convenient actions.

When you strap your Apple Watch on your wrist you will be prompted to enter the device passcode. This will enable Apple Pay. If the Apple Watch is removed from your wrist, so skin contact is lost, Apple Pay and the NFC feature are deactivated.

To make a payment using Apple Pay on your watch using your default card, you simple need to double-click the side button and hold the display of your Apple Watch within a few centimetres of the contactless reader until you feel a gentle tap.

If you lose your Apple watch and it's connected to your banking app please contact us on 13 25 77 to request that your card be disabled for use with Apple Pay, or log in to the mobile app and block your card using Card controls. 

You should also go to and remove your card from Apple Watch. If you find your Apple Watch you can re-add your card back by following the same steps you went through when you first set the card up with Apple Pay.

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