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You can transfer money overseas in the mobile app or internet banking.

First, you'll need to register your account for International Transfers. You can call us on 13 25 77 (+61 8 9219 7609 from overseas), or message us via Secure Mail to register.

Once your account is registered, you need the following information to make the transfer

  • Transfer amount and required currency
  • Purpose or reason of payment
  • Beneficiary details including name and full street address
  • Bank sort code/SWIFT address/chips/routing number
  • Beneficiary account number
  • IBAN (this is mandatory for transfers sent to the United Kingdom or European Union)
  • Bank name
  • Full bank address (full street address is mandatory)
  • Special instructions (if any)

Go to Transfer/Pay > International Payments in internet banking or the mobile app and enter the payment amount and currency to get a quote. Once you proceed to make the payment you will be asked to enter the receiving bank and further payment information above.

Money is sent by electronic transfer by our partners Convera, and will take 3 to 5 business days to arrive at the overseas bank. The exchange rate is calculated at the time of processing, and the fee will be debited from your account at the end of day.

International Transfers can also be arranged at your nearest branch