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Financial Coaching Service

Want to feel more comfortable about your finances and financial future? Free and confidential financial coaching could be an option for you.

We’re committed to assisting our customers with their financial wellbeing and giving a hand to those facing financial challenges. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Vinnies WA to offer customers in financial stress access to free and confidential financial coaching.

This financial coaching service is most suited to customers who are:

  • Having difficulty paying for essential items such as food, rent, utilities, school fees.
  • In arrears on rental payments or have utility debts.
  • Heading into or recovering from financial difficulty.
  • Wanting to improve their money management skills or work through their budget.

Customers can choose to register for a free one-on-one consultation with a qualified Vinnies WA Financial Capability Coach or attend a group financial education workshop (held four times per year).

How to access Vinnies WA Financial Coaching

We want to empower all West Aussies to take control of their financial situation, make the most of their money and build the financial future they want for themselves and their families.

There are three different ways you can access the service:

Register your details via the Vinnies WA website and a Financial Capability Coach will get in touch.*

Contact Vinnies WA on 0481 457 301. Available Tuesday to Thursday.

Register your interest to attend a P&N Bank exclusive Vinnies WA group financial education workshop (to be held four times per year)

Expression of interest form

*Note this link takes you to the Vinnies WA website where you will have the option to provide your information direct to Vinnies WA.

How the Vinnies WA Financial Coaching service works

Financial coaching can help you to review your current financial situation, set your future financial goals and objectives, and develop a plan to get you there.

The one-on-one consultations are conducted by a Vinnies WA Financial Capability Coach. These conversations are confidential, and you decide what you want to share or not share, so you aren’t required to disclose any financial details or bank statements if you're not comfortable to do so.

There may be some simple steps you can take to make a big difference to your finances.

Financial coaching is...

A one-on-one consultation with a qualified Vinnies WA Financial Capability Coach conducted in person, online or over the phone.
A conversation where you’ll be asked about your current situation and your mindset towards finances.
Non-judgemental support adapted to your specific situation to help you create a plan with small achievable goals.
Completely confidential. Your conversations are not reported back to P&N Bank.
Free for P&N Bank customers.


Financial coaching is not…

Purely about budgeting, unless you want it to be.
All about your home loan (if you have one). The Financial Capability Coach will look at your financial situation, so you can see the big picture.
A financial planning service. The Financial Capability Coaches are not financial planners and won’t recommend products or give you financial advice.
Financial counselling. A Financial Capability Coach can refer you on to a Financial Counsellor if your situation requires it.

About Vinnies WA

Vinnies WA is a highly respected and inclusive not-for-profit that works at the forefront of assisting Western Australians in their time of need via emergency assistance, financial counselling, homelessness services and other community support.

P&N Bank Financial Hardship

If you are worried about your current financial position and are concerned that you might experience difficulties making your P&N Bank loan repayments, you should contact us as soon as possible on 1300 591 276 or via our website. We may be able to assist you with Financial Hardship Assistance.

Frequently asked questions

Important information

The Vinnies WA Financial Coaching Service is available to P&N Bank customers and is provided by Vinnies WA (St Vincent de Paul Society WA, ABN 18 332 550 061). It is not provided by P&N Bank and P&N Bank takes no responsibility for the information provided to you by Vinnies WA. Should you wish to access the Vinnies WA Financial Coaching Service, that will create a relationship between you and Vinnies WA, and not with P&N Bank. By registering with Vinnies WA you acknowledge that you’ve read and accepted Vinnies WA's Privacy Policy. Any information that P&N Bank customers provide to Vinnies WA is done so independently of P&N Bank and will not be provided back to P&N Bank

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