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Changes to member cheque facilities

29 Nov2023

We’re making some important changes to our member cheque facilities.  

Following the Australian Government decision to phase out cheques by 2030, our third-party cheque provider will no longer support P&N Bank cheque facilities by May 2024

This means we’ll be phasing out our own cheque services leading up to this date and supporting our members using cheques to move to alternative payment methods.  

These changes only relate to member cheques issued by P&N Bank. Members will be able to continue to deposit cheques from other banks into their P&N Bank accounts at our branches. 

When will the changes to P&N Bank cheques happen?  

Changes to our cheque services will occur on three key dates.  

29 November 2023 

From 29 November 2023, we’re making changes to new cheque facilities. This means new or current members without an active cheque facility will no longer be able to start using cheques.  

28 February 2024 

From 28 February 2024, we’re making changes to cheque book reordering. From this date, members will no longer be able to reorder cheque books.  

24 May 2024 

From 24 May 2024, P&N Bank cheques will no longer be able to be banked or cashed at any bank, including P&N Bank branches. This means that any P&N Bank cheque banked anywhere after 24 May 2024 will be dishonoured. 

Alternative ways to pay 

If you’re a member who prefers to pay by cheque, we understand that changing the way you pay will be a process. We are here to support you with a range of alternative payment options that will allow you to transfer money quickly, safely, and easily.  

Card payments 

Your P&N Bank Visa Debit card gives you simple and secure access to your money. With your card linked to your access account, you can withdraw money from an ATM, make payments in store or online, or tap and go with Visa payWave. You can also pay with your smartphone or device using Apple Pay, Google Pay™ and Samsung Pay.  

Internet Banking 

Our internet banking platform is a simple and secure way to manage your everyday banking. Best accessed on a desktop computer, you can transfer money to anyone using their BSB and bank account number, through instant payment methods such as Osko and PayID, or pay a bill using BPAY.  

Find out more 

P&N Bank Mobile Banking App 

The P&N Bank Mobile Banking App is easy to use, secure and gives you access to all your banking on the go, including payments to any bank in Australia, instant payments through Osko and PayID, and paying bills using BPAY.  

Find out more 


PayTo allows you to pre-authorise and manage payments from your bank account. It's fast, easy, and secure. Use it to make a one-off or recurring payment in real-time with participating merchants.  

Find out more 

Bill payment using BPAY 

BPAY® is an easy and secure way to manage and pay your bills through Internet Banking or our Mobile App. BPAY® is offered by over 60,000 businesses, which means you can pay bills such as your utility bills (think phone, internet, electricity or gas), your insurance premiums, or even your rent. 

More information on ways to pay

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) 

Why have you decided to cease cheque services now – I thought we had until 2030 to keep using cheques?  

Cheque volumes have declined in recent years, with a 20% decrease year on year. This means that the cost to provide cheque services is increasing and many third-party providers are removing these services. Many smaller member-owned banks, such as P&N Bank rely on these third parties to provide these services. When making decisions that impact our members, we always weigh up the cost of providing these services against the benefits for our wider member base.  

How are you communicating this change to members who currently use cheques?  

Our members currently using P&N Bank cheques as a payment method will be contacted by direct mail to provide them with information on the key changes, the dates these changes will occur and to outline the alternative ways to pay available to them. There will also be in-branch flyers and support.   

I am not computer savvy, what are my payment options?  

While many of the payment options are available through our Internet Banking and Mobile Banking App channels, you can also use your Visa Debit and/or credit card to make payments at many locations. We also continue to support fee-free cash withdrawals through the atmx network.  

What do I do with my cheque book when I switch to another payment method?  

As soon as you start using another payment method, you can destroy your cheque book, or return it to your local branch. These cheques will be invalid after 24 May 2024 and will no longer serve any purpose.  

What if I lose my cheque book after cheque book reordering stops in February 2024?  

If you lose your cheque book, please contact us to ensure the cheques can’t be used by someone else. While not having a cheque book is a great time to take advantage of other payment methods, you can contact us to discuss a replacement cheque book. 

If I pay by cheque leading up to May 2024, when does the recipient need to deposit it so it will clear? 

The recipient must bank their cheque with their financial institution by the close of business 24 May 2024.   

How will I know if the cheques I have issued have been presented? 

You can log into Internet Banking and look at your transaction history, or you will need to wait until your statement arrives to ensure it has been debited from your account. If your cheque hasn’t been deposited by the recipient before the close of business on 24 May 2024, they will need to arrange payment from you through other payment methods. 

I run a business, and someone has provided a P&N Bank cheque after the 24 May 2024, can I still deposit it? 

No, you will not be able to deposit the cheque as it will be dishonoured. You will need to refer to your customer to arrange payment through other payment methods.   

If I give someone a cheque when do they need to deposit it, so it will clear? 

The recipient must bank their cheque with their financial institution by close of business (COB) on 24 May 2024. 

How do I pay for goods or services without my cheque book?    

We offer a range of ways for our members to pay for their goods and services. This includes Internet Banking, Visa Debit cards, ATM withdrawals, and paying bills at Australia Post.  

What if we use cheques to get petty cash out?    

Members who use a cheque to get petty cash out will need to find an alternative way to withdraw cash. This could include setting up a Visa Debit card account or heading into a branch to withdraw cash. 

How do I find out more? 

We’re here to help. If you have any further questions, feedback or want to discuss alternative ways to pay, please call us on 13 25 77, chat to us online at, email [email protected] or visit your nearest branch. 



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