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Card payments

Make contactless payments your way, online or in store.

Online payments

Pay your bills or transfer money within Australia and internationally.

And more!

Find a way to pay that works for you with our range of options.

Make payments with your card

Access your funds wherever Visa is accepted in the big wide world – in store, online, using Visa payWave, or with your digital wallet.

You’ll also have extra peace of mind knowing that your card is protected against fraudulent transactions by Visa’s Zero Liability Policy and Verified by Visa.

Visa Debit card

With your Visa Debit card linked to your everyday transaction account, you can withdraw money from an ATM, make payments in store or online, and tap and go with Visa payWave. Or tap and go with your digital wallet – whatever works best for you.

Visa Credit card

Making purchases is just as easy with a Visa Credit card. And we like to keep things simple with two low-cost credit card options. No matter which one takes your fancy, you can apply at any time with a quick online application.

Learn more about our cards

Tap and pay using your mobile phone

Say goodbye to bulky wallets and hello to secure, contactless payments using your smartphone.

Make payments online

Online transfers

You can make one off or regular transfers using internet banking or the mobile app. Transfer money from your account to another person’s account, using either their BSB & account number or their PayID for instant transfer of funds.

Osko transfers 

As a P&N customer you can securely send and receive money in near real time between participating banks. Osko (using the National Payments Platform) lets you send and receive payments in under a minute, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It also allows you to send a 280-character message with your payment, making it easier for everyone to see what the money is for.


Set up a PayID to make receiving payments even easier. Gone are the days of having to remember your BSB and account number – just use your phone number or email address instead! Setting up your PayID with P&N Bank is easy, and once you’ve done it, your friends and family can use it to send you funds almost instantly.

BPAY payments

BPAY® is an easy and secure way to manage and pay your bills through internet banking or our mobile app. BPAY is offered by over 60,000 businesses, which means you can pay bills such as your internet, phone, electricity, gas, or even your rent!

Find out more about digital banking

More ways to pay


PayTo is a new way to manage your payments – think direct debits but better. Make one-off or recurring payments for things like subscriptions or memberships using only your PayID or account details. And you can easily manage all your PayTo agreements yourself through internet banking.

Direct debit

Direct debits can be used to debit your account for recurring bills and services, such as your monthly phone bill or your gym membership. You can set these up with your supplier or provider.


You can use Bank@Post at participating Australia Post offices Australia-wide to deposit cash or cheques, or make a withdrawal from your account.

Still need more options?

At P&N Bank we understand not everyone always has access to the latest digital banking options. That's why we also offer more traditional options through our branch network and phone banking.

We're here to help

Talk to us

Call us on 13 25 77, pop into your nearest branch or chat to us online.

Help & support

Got a question? Our help centre is the ideal place to start.

Stay safe online

Don’t give your hard-earned cash away to scammers. Be scam savvy instead.

There's no such thing as a silly question

If you want to dispute a transaction on your account please read this important information.

The steps below apply if you have paid for services that you didn't receive, or if there has been a fraudulent transaction made on your account. 

  • If the payment you want to dispute is due to an incorrect funds transfer, you can complete a Mistaken internet payment form online.
  • If your card has been stolen, report the theft to the police, and obtain a police report number.
  • If you think your card has been compromised, you can lock your card using internet banking or the mobile app by going to Manage Card > Card controls. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our fraud department 24/7 on 1300 705 750.
  • Before lodging your transaction dispute, check your statements and receipts to ensure the transaction is in fact 'in dispute' and has not just processed under a different name or amount.
  • Contact us via secure mail in internet banking or the mobile app, or via phone on 13 25 77 during business hours to confirm the transaction you want to dispute and the reason for dispute.
  • We'll ask you some questions about the transaction to best assist with providing the correct path to resolution.
  • Once we have confirmed the transaction type and whether it was an authorised or unauthorised transaction, we may contact you for further documentation if required.
  • We'll confirm receipt of your transaction dispute request, and work to resolve the matter as soon as possible.  

If you want to recall or trace a payment, please contact us on 13 25 77 or visit your nearest branch.

If you need to update or cancel a regular direct debit from your account you should contact the service provider directly. If debiting from a bank account (and not a credit card) you can contact us on 13 25 77 and we can assist.

If the debit is being processed on your Visa Credit card, please contact the service provider directly.  

If the debit is being processed from a debit account, please complete the Direct Debit Alteration/Cancellation form and return it to us. 

Forms can be returned via:

A PayID is a unique identifier such as your mobile phone number or email address which is directly linked to your bank account, so that you can easily and safely receive payments.

When a family member, friend or colleague needs to pay you, instead of giving them your bank account number and BSB, simply ask them to send it your PayID e.g. your mobile phone number.

The days of having to exchange your BSB and account numbers are gone, and you can now share your PayID instead. However, if you don't want to use a Pay ID, you can continue to use your account details to receive funds as you have previously.

You can set up more than one PayID if you wish, just link your mobile number to one account and your email address to another. 

You can register a PayID through internet banking under Accounts > Manage Pay IDs or in the mobile app under Pay > Manage PayID.

How do I register a PayID?

Osko by BPAY is the fast, simple way to pay or get paid more conveniently. As a P&N Bank member you can send and receive faster, simpler and smarter payments using Osko through internet banking or the mobile app. 

It enables you to pay in real-time with funds available almost immediately, regardless of financial institution and time of day or week. It will also enable you to send a 280-character description with your payment, making it easier for both parties to know what the money is for. If your payment uses Osko you'll see the Osko symbol appear.

Faster payments through Osko

As long as you're sending funds to a participating bank, Osko will ensure your money reaches its destination in near real time. If you're sending funds to a bank not using the New Payments Platform (NPP), your payment will be sent via direct entry channels, which may take up to three working days.

There are no additional costs to members for using Osko and the New Payments Platform. It's a safe and secure way to send funds, and all payments made using this service will be monitored by the same high levels of security that our existing transactions are.

And best of all payments sent securely to a PayID are sent in real time using Osko. Find out more about PayID.

The easiest way to send money overseas is to use internet banking or the mobile app. Overseas payments can be made online using the International Payment Service, powered by Convera

International transfer fees

  • International transfer using mobile app or internet banking: $15.00
  • Telegraphic transfer in foreign currency: $30.00
  • Telegraphic transfer in Australian dollars: $45.00

A telegraphic transfer can also be requested at any one of our branches

Please call us on 13 25 77 if you require any help setting up and using international transfers.

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Important information

Banking and Credit products issued by Police & Nurses Limited (P&N Bank).

Any information on this website is general in nature and does not consider your personal needs, objectives or financial situation. Our rates are current as of today and can change at any time. Credit eligibility criteria, terms & conditions, fees & charges apply. 

Bank@Post™ deposits and withdrawals are available only with a P&N ATM Card or VISA Card. Cheques must be made out in the name of the cardholder to be accepted at Bank@Post™ and are subject to 4 working days clearance.

BPAY® is registered to BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518.