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There’s nothing more exciting than the feeling of getting into a brand-new car. The new car smell, the smoothness of the drive, and the thrill of knowing you’re the first person to drive the car is second to none.

Though, buying a new car can be an overwhelming process if you haven’t done it before. Check out our tips of things to consider when buying your new car.

What type of car are you looking for?

1. SUV, four-wheel drive, hatchback? Think about the needs you have when it comes to a car. Do you need space for the kids or a dog, or something to tow the caravan? Or maybe you just need a small, cost-effective car to get to the shops.

2. Consider how long you will have the car and what your life will look like at that time. You might not have kids yet, but would you need to consider the size of the car for your future family or fur baby?

Do your research

3. Check out car sale websites such as CarsGuide for reviews and ratings on the car of your choice.

4. Compare similar brands and models of the car you’re considering. Is there a more affordable model that suits your needs? Or maybe there’s a slightly more expensive model that has a stronger safety rating that’s worth considering?

5. Look for video reviews from other car owners or review sites for unbiased opinions on the car you’re thinking of buying.

6. Check to see if there are any Facebook groups or forums dedicated to the car brand and model you’re looking at. It’s a good way to see if there are any ongoing issues with the car that other owners have had.

Think about your budget

7. Can you afford to purchase the car outright or will you need to take out a car loan? Can you afford the repayments over the life of the loan?

8. Consider the drive-away price and make sure all stamp duty and on road costs are incorporated into your final purchase price. Also consider any add on accessories such as car mats or a tow bar - these items can add up quickly if you haven’t incorporated them into the final drive-away price.

9. Make sure the repayments are within your budget. P&N’s helpful car loan calculator can show how much you will be paying in repayments over the life of the loan.

10. Consider how much the car will cost to fill with fuel on an ongoing basis and what your potential insurance premiums will be.

Go for a test drive

11. This is the exciting part! Taking the car out for a test drive. If it’s possible, drive the car on a freeway or major road to test out it’s durability on a busy or high-speed environment.

12. Pull the car over safely into an area like a carpark and sit in the back seats – will the size of the back seats be an issue for other passengers or likely cargo?

13. Check the boot. Will it be big enough for your regular items? What about golf clubs, a pram, or your camping equipment?

14. Make sure the radio, phone connectivity, sunroof or reverse camera suit your needs.

15. Check for comfortability and safety. Are there any tricky blind spots and is the car comfortable for you to drive long distances?

16. Bring a friend or family member along on the test drive - they might notice things about the car that you don’t see from the driver’s seat.

Making the decision

17. Find a dealer you feel comfortable with – it’s ok to think about the decision overnight or even over a few weeks. It’s also worth considering taking the car for a second test drive before purchasing.

18. If you’re taking out a car loan, look at all options. Consider taking a loan such as P&N Bank’s car loan, which has a low rate and flexible repayment options. Car dealerships may also offer finance.

19. Check all the fees and charges included in the finance. Make sure you know if you’ll need to pay any monthly maintenance or early exit fees. It’s also important to check the comparison rate on your car loan to make sure you’re aware of any fees that may not be disclosed in the interest rate.

Apply for finance

20. You can quickly and easily apply for finance through our website. It’s simple and can be done from the comfort of your home.


Whichever car you decide to buy, make sure you purchase something that you will be happy to drive for a few years, has enough space for you and your needs now and in the future, and that you have considered the potential repayments for the life of the loan. Happy driving!


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