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The prospect of a holiday always spells excitement, but quite often, financial considerations can cloud the fun aspects of getting away. Here's some tips to help you save, and get to your holiday destination faster, with less stress.

Start with a plan

Before you start putting aside money for your holiday, it's good to know how much you need to save and how long you've got to do it. The destination you choose, the month you'll travel and the length of your stay will determine how much you'll need for flights, accommodation and daily expenses.

Open a savings account

For many people, the simplest way to save for a specific goal is to open a dedicated savings account. Not only will you get a good interest rate, you'll also be able to watch your holiday fund grow and be less tempted to spend your savings. To make it even easier to save, you can set up automatic payments into your savings account.

Save as much as you can

Instead of pouring your change into cups of take-away coffee, you could put in a savings jar. With P&N Bank's Pay&Save linked to your &Transaction account you can even save while you spend.

By making a few small changes to how you spend your money every day, you'll be taking a big step towards your holiday. Whenever possible, you should also make lump sum payments into your savings account – this could be money you receive as a gift, a work bonus or your tax return.

Make saving rewarding

Although the holiday will be your ultimate reward, small rewards along your saving journey can help to make it more achievable. You could reward yourself with a new suitcase or travel goods. Remember to acknowledge how much you're saving and give yourself a treat every now and again.