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There’s a school of thought that says talking about money is rude or inappropriate. But is it? In the grand scheme of things, there are more ‘taboo’ subjects you could discuss with your friends and family than the state of your bank account. In fact, being more open about money and talking about it freely could actually be beneficial to you and your personal financial situation.

We want to encourage everyone to take money off the ‘do not discuss list’ and through our partnership with Vinnies WA, we want our customers to start talking about their money more. By offering free one-on-one financial coaching and group Financial Wellbeing Workshops, we’re helping West Aussies learn more about money management in a safe, collaborative environment.

Need more convincing? Here are some of the benefits you can expect when you open yourself up to money talk.

Increased financial knowledge (yours and future generations’)

Speaking openly about money and personal finance encourages learning and can increase your understanding of financial concepts. This leads to improved financial literacy for individuals, families and communities as a whole.

Whether it's budgeting, investing, or saving, discussing these topics openly promotes knowledge-sharing with people around you. With different life experiences, education backgrounds and levels of financial know-how, talking through financial-related things can offer up a world of insights and advice you may not have known even existed!

And there’s no age restriction on learning about finance. By openly discussing money, spending, saving and other aspects of personal finances with children and young adults, we can instil valuable financial habits and skills early on in life. This sets the stage for a lifetime of financial responsibility and successes. Read our tips on how to teach your kids about money to get started.

As part of our partnership, we provide funding to Vinnies WA to support their financial counselling service. The Financial Counsellors are able to talk through an individual’s needs and provide guidance and education around key finance topics, such as budgeting and debt management.

More positivity

Not only is talking about money often seen as taboo, but sadly, admitting to experiencing money problems is also stigmatised. Having open conversations can positively break down this stigma and make it easier for those who are experiencing financial difficulties to seek help and support sooner without judgement.

Unfortunately, the negativity surrounding seeking help for money problems can often lead to people avoiding their problems or trying to solve the issues themselves. Early intervention is key to avoid worsening the situation or facing more long-term consequences.  

A growing number of people have benefited from the Vinnies WA Financial Counselling service and appreciated the opportunity to talk to someone about their finances. Tiffany found that getting everything out in the open in her financial counselling sessions was a positive and beneficial experience:

“When we first spoke to Nyssa (from Vinnies WA), we both got overwhelmed by the budget. It was painful to see it down in numbers. All the shame, the judgement, all those things were there, and it was really hard to have those conversations.

“Vinnies WA was so supportive, and Nyssa helped us a lot with the shame that we were feeling. We’ve now been engaged with her for two years and she’s been incredible.” ~ Tiffany, WA

Greater control of your financial future

Discussing your personal finances can empower you to take control of your financial future, make informed decisions, and set achievable goals to improve your financial wellbeing. Open conversations about money contribute to a culture of financial wellness, where everyone can feel comfortable seeking help, accessing resources, and prioritising their financial health.

Honest and open dialogue within communities creates opportunities for collaboration, resource-sharing, and the building and growth of support networks. This can empower individuals to not navigate financial challenges alone and avoid common pitfalls.

“When we could get work again, we did, but obviously by that time, we were in such a hole with finances. We weren’t able to pay bills, we had rent debt, it was so bad I went and joined a support group...

“We always felt like we were failing all the time, which only put us into a worse place. Nyssa at Vinnies has taken over those conversations and helped us with bills that we’ve not been able to pay with emergency support.” ~ Tiffany, WA

Improved relationships

Money often comes up as a common source of tension in both romantic and non-romantic relationships.  Openly discussing money with your family members, partner or friends can foster trust, transparency and understanding. This all leads to building stronger relationships and reduces the chance of conflict arising around financial decisions or strategies.

“The support we’ve had from Vinnies WA has been amazing and it’s helped with our marriage a lot. We can now communicate openly about money.”

For the first time, we’ve actually got a plan in place about where we want to be in a couple of years’ time and how we can achieve that. I hadn’t been able to see that for years.” ~ Tiffany, WA

Enhanced financial stability

Conversations about money lay the groundwork for sound financial planning tailored to your individual goals and personal circumstances. These plans allow you to see a clear path toward reaching your financial goals and achieving financial success.

Being proactive when it comes to planning and your goals, can help you to build financial security, save for the future, establish emergency funds, and plan for your retirement and any other financial objectives you may have.

If you’re not sure how to get started with making plans, you may find Your Financial Wellness helpful. It’s a free tool available to our customers that allows you to get a detailed view of your wealth and how you compare to other Australians. Based on your result, you can then begin the process of improving your financial fitness and knowledge, thanks to personalised guides and learning tools. Register here.


Talking about money is not just about numbers, so let's break the silence and start talking about it. It’s a conversation worth having after all.

If you would like to speak with a Vinnies WA Financial Capability Coach or attend one of the upcoming Financial Wellbeing Workshops we’re holding, visit our Financial Coaching Services page and register.