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If you want to dispute a transaction on your account please read this important information.

The steps below apply if you have paid for services that you didn't receive, or if there has been a fraudulent transaction made on your account. 

  • If the payment you want to dispute is due to an incorrect funds transfer, you can complete a Mistaken internet payment form online.
  • If your card has been stolen, report the theft to the police, and obtain a police report number.
  • If you think your card has been compromised, you can lock your card using internet banking or the mobile app by going to Manage Card > Card controls. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our fraud department 24/7 on 1300 705 750.
  • Before lodging your transaction dispute, check your statements and receipts to ensure the transaction is in fact 'in dispute' and has not just processed under a different name or amount.
  • Contact us via secure mail in internet banking or the mobile app, or via phone on 13 25 77 during business hours to confirm the transaction you want to dispute and the reason for dispute.
  • We'll ask you some questions about the transaction to best assist with providing the correct path to resolution.
  • Once we have confirmed the transaction type and whether it was an authorised or unauthorised transaction, we may contact you for further documentation if required.
  • We'll confirm receipt of your transaction dispute request, and work to resolve the matter as soon as possible.  

If you want to recall or trace a payment, please contact us on 13 25 77 or visit your nearest branch.