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P&N Bank is committed to ensuring all your transactions, whether online, in-store or withdrawing cash at an ATM, is safe, secure and follows the latest industry best practices.

With a combination of monitoring transactions for fraud, an extra layer of security through Visa Secure and card security features such as card controls, you can rest assured we are doing all we can to keep you and your money safe.

Transaction monitoring

In addition to our other security measures, we also monitor the following transactions 24 hours a day, seven days a week:

  • Visa Credit/Debit card
  • Online transactions processed through Internet Banking and the P&N Bank Mobile App.

Although fraud monitoring for Visa Credit and Debit cards and online transactions operates 24 hours a day, our Fraud Department will only contact members between the hours of 7am and 10pm (AWST). For all other monitoring, we will only contact you during business hours Monday to Friday.

Who will contact me?

Where transaction monitoring identifies a transaction that requires your confirmation, our fraud department will contact you via phone or SMS detailing the transaction in question. You will be asked about the transaction and need to confirm it as genuine or unauthorised. You may be asked to reply Y or N to the SMS or in some cases you will be asked to call us back.

What do I need to do?

If you receive a text message requesting you call back in regards to a transaction on your account, please contact our fraud department on 1300 705 750 to discuss the details of the payment.

You should be wary of unsolicited calls supposedly from your financial institution. Should you have concerns about whom you are speaking with, do not provide any banking or personal information and hang up immediately. You should then advise our Contact Centre by contacting us on 13 25 77 and they will be able to confirm if the call you received was from the P&N fraud department.

Visa Secure

When you shop online, it’s important to know that your transactions are secure. To ensure your security, P&N Bank Visa Credit cards and Visa Debit cards are equipped with protection from Visa Secure, which provides P&N Bank members with an additional layer of protection when purchasing goods and services online through participating Visa Secure merchants.

When you make a purchase online with a participating merchant, your transaction will be assessed to determine if a second level of verification is required. If it is determined that additional verification is necessary you will be required to enter a security code, which will be sent to the mobile number that you have registered with P&N Bank. Once received the code can be entered and the transaction can be finalised.

When you complete your payment with Visa Secure, P&N Bank is able to make additional security checks to ensure your card details have not been compromised. P&N Bank want to make sure that it’s really you making the purchase before they authorise the payment.

Card security

  • Sign new cards as soon as you receive them, and destroy expired cards.
  • If you are expecting a new card and don't receive it within 10 working days, contact us on 13 25 77.
  • Memorise your PIN (do not carry it with your card), don't use the same PIN for all of your cards, and never share it with anyone.
  • Do not select an obvious code for your PIN, such as your birth date.
  • Never provide your credit card details over the phone or internet unless you are sure that you are dealing with a legitimate organisation.
  • Notify P&N Bank immediately if your card has been lost or stolen. You can do this by calling us on 13 25 77 or by logging into Internet Banking or the P&N Bank Mobile App and using the card controls feature.
  • At the ATM make sure to stay alert, protect your details and repost any suspicious behaviour.

Ways to pay

Whether you’re shopping in-store or online, making transfers, or paying a bill – we’ve got you covered.

Digital banking

You shop online, work remotely, and use apps for almost everything, so it makes sense you should be able to bank digitally too.

International payments

We’re making it easier for your money to travel the world – whether or not you’re travelling too.