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If you're travelling for work or leisure you'll be able to access your P&N Bank account in the following ways.
You can access your account information via internet banking and the mobile app. It’s a good idea to ensure you have International Roaming on your mobile provider to ensure you can still receive your Secure SMS codes
You can use your Visa Debit or Credit card to make purchases overseas. Remember to make sure you have international transactions allowed in Card Controls.
You'll need to enter your PIN number when paying. A 3% conversion rate applies in addition to the conversion from the foreign currency amount to Australian dollars so it can be processed through your account.
You can use your Visa Debit or Credit card to make ATM withdrawals too. Remember, there is a fee for every ATM withdrawal, and 3% conversion rate applies to convert the transaction into Australian dollars.
Alternatively, we offer the MasterCard Multi-currency Cash Passport.