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Low fixed rate

Know your repayments with a fixed rate loan.

Pay it off early

Pay extra or payout early with no fees or penalties.

Flexible repayments

Weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Redraw instantly

It’s free and easy to access your extra payments.

Keep calm and consolidate

Too many loans? Losing track of repayments? Simplify your debts into one fixed rate personal loan. Lower your loan fees, reduce your interest charges, say goodbye to debt stress and enjoy peace of mind with the security of a fixed rate, while also having the flexibility to pay extra and save on interest.

You can apply for your personal loan online today and get a response in minutes. Or speak with our friendly team in Perth and apply over the phone or in branch.

Which debt consolidation loan suits you best?

Secured debt consolidation loan

A personal loan with a fixed rate and choice of loan term, secured by a motor vehicle up to seven years old.

% p.a.
Fixed rate
% p.a.
Comparison rate*

Unsecured debt consolidation loan

An unsecured personal loan with a fixed rate and choice of loan term. Minimum amount of $5,000

% p.a.
Fixed rate
% p.a.
Comparison rate*

What's the personal loan application process like?

Apply for your loan online

You can even upload your ID and supporting documents with our loan application portal, Loan Tracker.

Assessment and approval

You’ll get an instant response, and we’ll get in touch if we have any questions or require any more information.

Sign on the dotted line

It’s time to sign your loan contract. We can send your contract electronically, or you can sign it at your local branch.

Your loan is funded!

In other words, you’ve got your money. Set up your repayments online and make the most of the flexible options.

What will your debt consolidation loan repayments be?

Find out what your repayments will be, and how much you can you save if you make extra payments to your loan. Because who doesn’t like saving money?

Repayment calculator

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How to apply for a debt consolidation loan

We’ve made applying for your debt consolidation loan easy as.

Apply online, 24/7

Complete your details, save and submit your application, upload your supporting documents and track your application. 

Apply for a debt consolidation loan

If you’re an existing member you can fast track your application by applying from internet banking. We’ll prefill the information we already have about you.

Apply in person or over the phone

Talk to a lending specialist and apply over the phone by calling our local contact centre on  or pop into your nearest branch.

Applying for your debt consolidation loan is quicker and easier when you've got the information you need, so be prepared with your:

  • Identity documents – primary photo ID either your passport or driver's licence.
  • Employment details – contact details of your current, and previous employer if less than 2 years.
  • Income details – payslips or, if you're self-employed, tax assessments for the last two years and financial statements.
  • Regular expenses – such as food, rent, electricity, telcos, insurance & medical costs.
  • Assets – a rundown of any assets that you own (any cars, deposit accounts, home contents, properties, investments).
  • Liabilities – the details of any loans, credit cards, pay later or other debts you have.

Got everything? Let’s get your application started.

Start my personal loan application

We're here to help

Talk to us

Whether you’d prefer to chat to us over the phone, in person, or online, you can get in touch.

Find a branch

We’ve got branches all over the Perth region, and as far south as Bunbury.

Get answers online

We’ve got heaps of info and answers to your questions in our comprehensive help centre.

Your debt consolidation loan questions answered

Yes, you can apply for a personal loan for debt consolidation. You might want to pay off your existing credit card elsewhere to secure a lower interest rate, or combine a number of loans and credit cards to simplify your repayments.

Your credit report shows how many times you’ve applied for credit and which loans you've opened and your history of making repayments, any defaults, and how much debt you currently have. This is very important information as it tells the new credit provider how you’ve treated those debts, which gives an indication about how you’re likely to treat the new debt.

It includes information that is needed to identify you - name; birth date; and recent addresses; current or last known employer’s name; driver’s licence number (if you have one).

Your credit report helps us determine your suitability for credit (loan) products, like home loans, personal loans or credit cards. When you apply for a home loan, personal loan or credit card with us we will check your credit report. We will also record your application for credit.

You can access your own credit report using the credit reporting bodies outlined on the CreditSmart website.

A credit report provides us with the information about you that is held by the Credit Reporting Bodies (CRB), and it may influence your creditworthiness. We may use this information to assess your application for credit.
To enable us to verify your identity, we may disclose your name, date of birth and residential address to a CRB for the purpose of confirming whether that personal information matches information the CRB may hold.
We may disclose to a CRB if you fail to meet your payment obligations in relation to consumer credit, or if you have committed fraud or other serious credit infringement.

Credit providers are looking for the following key indicators on your credit report to show that you are a good prospective customer:

  • Stability – for example, credit providers want to make sure that you haven’t moved house too many times over a short period.
  • Not too much credit – this includes credit that you’ve taken out, but also credit that you’ve simply applied for.
  • Good payment history – credit providers want to see that you’re made your payments on time. Don’t worry if you’ve missed the occasional payment by a few days. One of the good things about the credit reporting system is that each payment you do make on time will make you look better to credit providers. If you think you’ve missed (or will miss) more than an occasional payment, it's best to speak to your lender about it.
  • No nasty stuff – this includes defaults, bankruptcy information and court judgments. These types of things will make it harder for you to get credit (at least until they fall off your credit report in 5-7 years).

If you have applied for a personal loan, car loan or credit card online we'll respond to your application within one business day.
You can upload your document such as payslips and bank statements as well as track the status of your loan application here:
Find out more about Loan Tracker.

Important information

Banking and Credit products issued by Police & Nurses Limited (P&N Bank).

Any information on this website is general in nature and does not consider your personal needs, objectives or financial situation. Our rates are current as of today and can change at any time. Credit eligibility criteria, terms & conditions, fees & charges apply. 

Please consider the terms and conditions and whether a product is right for you.

*Comparison rate calculated on a loan amount of $30,000 over a term of 5 years based on monthly repayments. Rates quoted may vary depending on loan purpose and security offered.

WARNING: This comparison rate applies only to the example or examples given. Different amounts and terms will result in different comparison rates. Costs such as redraw fees or early repayment fees, and cost savings such as fee waivers, are not included in the comparison rate but may influence the cost of the loan.