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What is the Power of &?

Individually we can be great but together we are greater. At P&N Bank, we call this ‘the power of &’.

And is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we’ve created the following collection of stories that celebrate the achievements of people working together.  

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Step up to help those in need

Step up to help those in need

Challenge yourself this June to climb to the top of Central Park and raise much-needed funds for MSWA in the process.

Get a head start on your taxes

How to stay safe and secure online

In love and setting up house? The money talk

Can money buy you happiness?

What it takes to be a Lifeline volunteer

What it takes to be a Lifeline volunteer

Support lessens the burden of cancer

A community-inspired health drink is set to change culture

Ten steps to living and working with elevated purpose


How to pay your loan off sooner

Make your house move a happy one

Connecting with other small businesses is key to success and survival

Teach your kids the value of money

How to create a budget in six easy steps

Should you consider adding property to your portfolio?

Behind the scenes of Australia’s longest open water swim