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Power of & uncovers Perth’s deepest secrets

It’s 220km long.
It’s 4000 metres deep.
It formed over tens of millions of years.
And it’s one massive mystery.

Never heard of Perth Canyon? You’re not alone! It might be extremely close to Perth and Fremantle, but scientists know next to nothing about this underwater chasm that’s been left unexplored for centuries.

But the power of & is set to finally change all that.

Scientists from the University of Western Australia, together with researchers from the Western Australian Museum, CSIRO and the Institute of Marine Sciences in Italy, are teaming up to unlock Perth Canyon’s deep sea secrets.

Using state-of-the-art technology, a research vessel run by the Schmidt Ocean Institute, and sheer collective power, the researchers will spend 12 days investigating the anonymous abyss, examining and collecting a variety of marine organisms that are living at great depths, particularly deep-sea corals.

It’s a powerful story that proves we’re stronger together. These secrets have been left undiscovered for hundreds of years - but by combining our resources, we’ll soon know more about this amazing mystery on our doorstep.

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