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Wake Up Project Inspires Australians to spread kindness

A former marketing executive hopes to spark a kindness revolution with cards that inspire to give a little with a pay-it forward message.

You might have noticed we have a soft spot for businesses with a conscience, or social enterprises, at P&N Bank. People who inspire us to consider how we give back or make the world a better place, whether it’s on a grand, life changing scale or perhaps something as small a daily habit (cough, KeepCup).

Wake Up Project began when former marketing executive Jono Fisher quit his job and designed small cards that encourage people to commit a random act of kindness. The Kindness Card is an ‘experiment in generosity’ and features fine print on the reverse to guide the receiver, reading ‘You’ve been touched by an anonymous act of kindness. Now it’s your chance to do something kind and pass this card along.’

The company also hosts events featuring global leaders from various industries on mindful leadership, but the cards remain forefront of the business – and they’re free. More than 400,000 Australians have ordered the cards with the only obligation to use them wisely (and, of course, kindly) with suggestions such as buying a coffee for the next person in line, baking a cake for your workmates, writing a thank you note to someone or topping up someone’s parking meter. Once you’ve committed the act with great stealth, you leave behind your Kindness Card and walk away pondering the probable positive effect.

If you need further proof of how the cards work, there are a few heart melting examples from those touched by the cards. And if you’re going to be a part of a revolution, this is probably the sweetest one around, because every wins when we act with kindness.

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