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How to

Buy a home

A step-by-step guide to help you get into your first home; from how to save for a deposit through to property settlement.

Refinance your home

Refinancing simply means switching to another mortgage package or lender. Finding a lower interest rates is the most common reason for making the switch

Buy an investment property

Everything you need to know about investing in property and how P&N can help you realise your investment goals

Buy a car

Helpful advice to ensure you find the right new or second hand car for you. Together, we can get you behind the wheel of your own car.

Consolidate your debts

Between the house, car, credit cards and personal loans, Australians are now living with more debt than ever. Household debt is now equal to 18 mths salary

Save for a holiday

Helpful advice on how to save for a holiday, including travel tips on how to manage your money overseas and maximise your holiday budget

Raise money clever kids

Like it or not, you are your child’s financial role model. They will learn their attitude to money by watching you.

Plan for retirement

What do you want your retirement to look like? Setting goals and having a clear aim to work towards will help you stay motivated to save for the future.

Inform us of the death of a loved one

When someone passes away, someone close to them is usually responsible for the difficult but unavoidable task of dealing with their estate

Power of &

Discover how the 'power of and' can make us stronger together.

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