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Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile App


  • How do I set up a PayID?

    If you wish to register a PayID, this can be done through your Internet Banking under Accounts > Manage Pay IDs or in the Mobile App under Pay > Manage PayID.

    More information on making faster payments through Osko.

  • Where can I find my bank statements?

    You can access your statements 24/7 through eStatements in the Mobile App and Internet Banking. If you haven’t registered for eStatements, you can do so by calling us on 13 25 77 or visiting one of our branches.

    Mobile App:
    Login to the Mobile App and go to Menu > Accounts > View eStatements

    Internet Banking:
    Login to Internet Banking and go to Services > View eStatements

  • How do I find out the minimum repayment due on my credit card?

    Your minimum credit card repayment and due date will be displayed on your credit card statement and can also be found in the Mobile App.

    To find it in the Mobile App, login and go to Menu > Accounts > Select credit card > Select the ‘…’ icon at the top right of the screen > Account information.

  • Where can I find my interest details?

    You can easily find out how much interest you have paid or earned in our Mobile App or Internet Banking. The amount of interest for the previous and current financial year will be displayed as well as any tax withheld.

    Mobile App
    Login to the Mobile App and go to Menu > Accounts > Interest.

    You can also find the interest on individual accounts by selecting the account you want the information for on the Accounts screen and selecting the ‘i’ info icon.

    Internet Banking
    Login to Internet Banking and go to Accounts > Interest details.

    For more information please read our Internet Banking User Guide.

  • Can I reorder the way my accounts are presented?

    Yes, you can reorder the way your accounts are presented in both our Mobile App and Internet Banking. 

    Mobile Banking App
    Within the accounts page select Edit on top of the page and then you can drag and drop accounts in order of preference.

    Internet Banking
    Go to Settings > Reorder accounts. Drag and drop your accounts to how you would like them displayed then Save your changes.

    For more information please read our Internet Banking User Guide.

  • What are the minimum requirements to use the Mobile App?

    Minimum requirements for installing the P&N Bank App are available in the each respective store where you download the app, but are also available via our mobile app information page.

  • What is the P&N Bank Mobile App?

    Our Mobile Banking App offers fast access to your accounts, making banking on the go easier and allowing you to do your banking anywhere at any time.

  • How do I download the Mobile App?

    For iPhone and iPad users, you can download our Mobile App from the Apple Store.

    You can download our Mobile App through the Google Play store.

  • What can I do in the Mobile App?

    Our Mobile App provides all the basic functionality of Internet Banking at your fingertips;

    • Login with PIN or bio-metrics
    • Check your balances and transaction history
    • Transfer funds between your own accounts
    • Pay another bank or financial institution within Australia or around the world
    • Pay bills using BPAY
    • Schedule and delete future payments
    • View eStatements
    • Manage your card settings including PIN change and card controls
    • Request credit card limit reduction or cancellation
    • Report lost or stolen cards and get a digital replacement instantly
    • Manage your contact details
  • How do I register the Mobile App?

    Our Mobile App requires the following fields to be completed for registration. 

    • Member number - This is your P&N Bank member number.
    • Password - This is your current Internet Banking password
    • Device name - This is what you would like to call your device e.g. 'My Phone'
    • PIN - Choose a new 4-digit PIN
    • Confirm PIN - Enter the same PIN as above 

    *Use Touch ID/use fingerprints to log in - If your device has this enabled and a fingerprint saved you can select this to use your fingerprint to login to the app instead of the aforementioned PIN. 



  • How do I log in and log out of the Mobile App?

    Logging in
    Our Mobile App is very intuitive, any action requiring you to log in will prompt you to enter your PIN.

    Logging out
    To log out simply tap the security padlock icon in the top right of the header bar and confirm log out.

  • I received an error message when registering the app, what does it mean?

    Here's a basic troubleshooting guide for our Mobile Banking App:

    Access is Denied
    Ensure your password and member number have been entered correctly

    Invalid PIN
    Ensure you are not using common or sequential numbers patterns such as 1111 or 1234

    The request has specified invalid data
    Ensure the device name does not have any special characters entered (includes auto corrected text) and that the phone language is set to English. The language can be updated again after registration if required.

    Should you need more help or require further information, please call us on 13 25 77 and one of our friendly team will be happy to assist.

  • How do I increase my transfer limit within the Mobile App?

    To increase your transfer limit, log in to the P&N Bank App and go to Settings > Transaction Limits. Your request will be sent to our consultants who will process your request within 4 business hours and then send you a notification when your increase has been processed.

  • Is my Mobile App compatible with an Apple Watch?
    You can download the P&N Bank Mobile App to your Apple Watch to view your balances on the go. Once downloaded, you can register your watch through the app by going to Menu > Settings > Apple Watch.
  • Can I change my shortcuts on the Mobile App home screen?

    You can customise the four icons that appear on the app home screen to suit the way you bank and make it quicker and easier to find what you look at the most.

    To customise these, go to Menu > Settings > Dashboard Shortcuts.

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